Trampoline Assembly

trampoline assemblyTampolines add an element of fun to any yard or gym. There are a few things to know when assembling them.

Trampoline assembly usually requires at least 2 people. Most come with a special spring loading tool that is used to stretch the springs into place. You should also wear gloves to protect your hands from injury on any pinch points.

Trampoline assembly takes about 2 hours depending on the model and if you have any accessories like a net enclosure. If you dont want the hassle contact us today and one of our trampoline assembly experts will do it for you.

  • Jump King

    Sold at many big box chains. Great value and overall quality. Many different sizes and options available.

  • Jump Sport

    Know in the industry for saftey and quality. They have many patents that improve bounce and saftey.

  • Bazoongi

    These trampolines are geared towards younger children. Great for entertainment and exercise. Comes with a galvanized steel frame.

  • Pure Fun

    Patented T-section construction provides reliable support, stability and prevents from shifting over after a period of time.

  • Skywalker

    Online reviews are all positive and they have good customer service. You will have no trouble getting warranty parts.

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